Ali Lapper MBE

Alison Lapper MBE is an artist, television presenter, speaker and Gig-Arts Charity patron.  Alison has a First Class Honors Degree in Fine Art and is a member of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. She is a well known public figure and regularly gives talks about her life. Born with no arms and shortened legs, Alison was institutionalised at six weeks old and spent her next 17 years at Chailey Heritage in Sussex. At the age of 19, she obtained a driving licence and her own flat, and began to live her daily life independently. Audiences at her talks range from the Royal College of Midwives to local voluntary groups. In 2016, after featuring as a subject in many documentaries throughout her life, Alison began a new career as a presenter for television. She co-presented No Body's Perfect for BBC4 with the photographer Rankin, followed by her own take on William Blake for Sky Arts in 2017.  Alison combines her speaker career with her passion for charitable work.  Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a talk with Alison.

Alain Presencer

Alain Presencer is a Canadian/British Anthrotibetologist who has, for more years than he cares to remember, been at the forefront of the art and culture in his field, assisting museums and collectors throughout the world with his knowledge on this arcane subject.   Alain was a student and friend of The venerable Dr. Mathera Sadhatissa at the University of Toronto and then at the London Buddhist Vihara. Dr Sadhatissa was one of the world's foremost scholars of Buddhist ethics and history and was partly responsible for Alain's election to the Royal Asiatic Society in 1973. Presencer's talents are many and varied. He has sung roles as a principal operatic tenor in Canada, England and Germany, has written many successful and award winning children's books and had his books of his adult poetry regarded by many as triumphs of modern literature. In addition his outstanding text on Tibet, Tibetan art and artefacts is available on this site. He has regularly given concerts on Tibetan religious musical instruments and has broadcast extensively on Jazz, Opera and Film.  His life today is still a flowing of activity and from his family home on the south coast of England he is, in his own words "busy as ever!"

Harvey Lonsdale

Harvey Lonsdale lives locally and attends Worthing High School. 13 years old. Harvey has a strong interest in art and sculpture and also many other subjects he enjoys. He is also keen to always help in community events and be part of the diverse events held in Worthing.  

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